Friday, May 29, 2009

How to kick off calc automatically in essbase after dataload thru FDM?

IF you want to set off a calculation in Essbase using FDM, this is how you do it:
1. Under Integration settings enable consolidation
2. For Default Calculation Method under integration settings choose file
3. Create a validation entity for your Essbase location
4. Where it says Parent Entity put in the exact name of your calc script ie CalcDB
5. For Entity I always have put the top level member Entity
6. Check the consolidate box
7. Start period is 0
8. Type - All
9. Sequence 0
10. Assign this validation entity to your essbase location.

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  1. Hi Ajay,
    congratulations on your new blog.
    can you post some calculation scripts or Business Rules explaining their function.
    I think that will be very helpfull.
    Good luck with your new blog.
    I wish you all teh best.

    with best wishes,